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HVAC Service Techs:
Let me level with you

Fellow HVAC people, why beat around the bush? I know we’re in a labor crisis. You know we’re in a labor crisis. With rising costs due to inflation, builder confidence shrinking due to a crashing economy, and gas prices that don’t seem to want to go down, we’re clearly in a time of crisis in our country. This unfortunate reality is hitting us all in these uncertain times. For instance, in my world, it is meaning that HVAC service techs are the rare unicorn I seek. 

At Austin Refrigeration, we have been in business here for over 25 years. Founded by my father, who just like myself is an Austin native, we’ve had only one goal since our inception: Keep Austin Cool. We work commercial refrigeration & residential + commercial HVAC systems, as well as wine rooms and larger residential refrigeration systems. As we’re currently in a position to grow both our construction & service departments, I am looking for a few men are looking to take their career forward; guys who want to work hard while getting paid well for their time. Like I said, I don’t want to beat around the bush: Above all, I need guys who want to work long days and you need an employer who is going to take care of your needs financially. 

If you are the type of tech I am describing, hit me up. Let me know what you need, and let’s work something out. I want to work with you to grow both of us, I don’t just want you to work for me. I want to send you to school to expand your skillset, I want to pay you what you’re worth, and I want to give you the benefits that are important to you. Whether you’re a few years into your career or you’ve got a decade plus under your belt, if you live for long hours, hot summers, emergency calls and every other hell we deal with in this business, I think we can make some money together.

Let's talk

There's no time like the present, right? If you've got the time, give me a call right now. Let's talk about how we can help each other reach out goals.

What do people say about our company?

These aren’t just cherry picked good reviews, check out our Angi page and see for yourself. As Austinites, we take the comfort of our city seriously. 

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